For over two decades, Royal Steel Industry Co. Ltd. has been manufacturing a wide range of tubing for a diverse field of industries. As the manufacturer of BURN and RSI brands range of steel tubes and conduits.

          The company has been in the forefront of production processes and manufacturing technology to provide the global marketplace with a comprehensive range of products in electrical installation and cable protection.

          With strict production procedures and processes in our own factories, we manufacture products conforming to British (BS and BS EN) and American Standards (ANSI) under a fully certified BS EN ISO 9001:2008 System.

RSI Steel Conduit are manufactured in accordance with ANSI and British Standards

1. Rigid Steel Conduit (RSC)

Standard:ANSI C80.1-1983

2. Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC)

Standard:ANSI C80.6-1983

3. Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT)

Standard:ANSI C80.3-1983

4. British Standard Conduit (BURN)

Standard:BS 4568 Part 1:1970

Class 4,BS EN 50086-1:1994,

BS EN 50086-2:1996

5. British Standard Fittings & Accessones

Standard:BS 4568 Part 2 :1970,

BS EN 61386-21:2004

BS EN 50086-1:1994

BS EN 50086-2:1996